Saturday, June 7, 2008


It started before the trip months before, my son Jason's college buddies were constantly making fun of him for hanging out with his mother all the time. So we invited the guys out for a trip we went to Bimini and slammed the fish over there. Lots of variety and good fun.

I get a phone call out of the blue that Doc and Pete would like to go fishing they were in town for a wedding and thought they would book a charter. They didn't mention their best friend Jason wasn't invited. Off we went without Jason, he was busy working that day. It was a holiday so there was a lot of boat traffic, we hooked one or two dolphin, every time we did this a load of boats came over, we were nearly run over twice. Doc said "My favorite number is 27", so we headed out to sea 27 miles off shore, to get away from the boaters that couldn't find their own fish. In the distance I noticed a couple of birds, I followed them with my eyes and noticed they were heading to another group of birds that were actively diving on the surface of the water, we dropped the trolling lines in passed through the area. FISH ON...from that point on we were bringing them in the boat. This was the last day that my commercial fishing licenses was valid. We were so exciting, I was using 3 rods at a time. The guys were on the other side of the boat doing what they could. After some time Doc asked for the net and Pete said "there is fish in it", the boat was covered in blood and the fish filled the boat to our shins. Other boats came by to try to steal the school, none successful. For two hours straight we brought in dolphin, finally exhausted and the fish box full, we left the school to keep growing. By the end of the trip FIIIIIIIIISH OOOOOOON was slow and slurred without any enthusiasum. By the time we got back to the house with our catch Jason was there, and he was pissed. Well, can't forget to mention that his college buddies never made fun of him again for fishing with his Mom.

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